Attention - How to craft it and never take advantage of it

It's Sunday afternoon, I have coffee, and my mind has gone blank...
I contemplated not writing to you today because I didn’t have anything to say. And in a strange way, it gave me something to write about. (Newsletter Inception?!?)


Let me explain what I mean...

I’ve sent you a handful of a ‘Dose of Realness' newsletters lately and I can see that many of you are opening them and hopefully reading them too 😉  And that commitment from me to write to you every week has garnered some trust from you. I never want to take advantage of that.


As a side note - Thank you for reading. I know you signed up for a course or a worksheet so this is a bit left field so thanks for sticking around! It means so much, thank you x


Today, I felt that I just couldn’t write anything of value for you. I’ve learnt loads this week but nothing important enough to tell you. I didn’t want to waste your time with a “filler not killer” newsletter.

I could have written about something that was insignificant just to send something to you to “not break the chain" of writing to you every week.

And to me, that’s wrong. I’d rather say nothing and your trust to remain instead of underperforming and you unsubscribing.

This reminded me of a quote -


“Aut tace aut loquere meliora silencio ”
(Only when the words outperform silence)
— Nassem Nicholas Taleb from Fooled by Randomness

I will only give you value when I know it is truly valuable.


So, I guess the lesson I learnt this week was that -

If you want to cultivate and grow your audience, the first thing you MUST commit to are your standards.


All KILLER, no filler.


Pumping out value is hard and (personally) I will never publish or send something for the sake of filling the silence. Your attention and trust are worth more to me than that.

And with that, I’m going to let you enjoy the rest of your Sunday and say thanks for reading.

Much love,


PS. As if by magic and weirdness, my email list thingy isn’t loading up today. I'm not meant to send this!! AUGH!!!