Do the f'ing work!

No matter where I am in business, the thing that solves 99% of my problems is this...

Do the f'ing work.

I'm the laziest hard working person in the world and if I can take a short cut, I will.

It's human nature to expel as little energy as possible but that only works for the caveman basics of eating, sleeping etc. 

I know that if I truly want more than just to eat, sleep, poop, repeat then it's hard work time.

My work ethic turned up late in life. I was always looking for short cuts. I could bust out work when I need to but I wasn't a fan.

Now, I fucking love working hard. Not crazy hours for days on end. Sprinting and cruising are more my style. But I know the work still needs to be done.

Today - I'm building the inner working membership site 🤓 cos I love a challenge. Can I do it in a day? Damn right I can!

Doing the f'ing work.