How to make your website work harder for you

Find out if your website is working for you... And how it's not.

In this blog post, we’ll be taking a good hard look at your website, finding out where there are problems and most importantly, how to fix them. 

Estimated Reading Time - 3 mins
Implementation Time - 15 minutes to check your website
Level - Beginner

It's so damn easy to get sucked into building your site and forget the basics. I've done it myself! I get all hung up on the graphics, fonts and all the fancy bits then realise that I've forgotten WHY I'm building the site. 
Let's take a look at the basics you need for your website to work hard for you.

1. Branding

It's time to get truthful about your website and your branding.

I find this difficult when I design for myself because I get caught up in what looks pretty vs what fits my brand. 

Take a moment to look at your website and pretend you're a new visitor. What would they say about you? Is it easy to see what you're all about? 

Can they see you're the best in your Niche at what you do?


2. Site Organisation

Your site has a purpose. Even if you're only just starting your website, you have an objective.

Let's take a blog for example - You want to attract readers and for those readers to submit their email to receive updates. If they read your blog, click off it and never come back, you're losing a potential fan of your blog. Your site can be set up to capture fan's email addresses without it being spammy and now you've got yourself a new fan!

Or if you are a photographer, you're main objectives could be to show your portfolio AND then capture email addresses of interested customers. 

Making your reader hunt through your website to find what you're "selling" makes it hard for you to connect to your reader. 

What's the objective of your site?


3. Page Organisation

This is more of a salesy one but I promise it works for every website. 

We're taking it a bit deeper into your website and looking at individual pages... 

Each page has a reason to exist and then to have a Call to Action (CTA) on there. A Call to Action is to encourage your readers to do something. It could be to sign up for a download, buy your products, enquire about your services or follow you on social media. Each page should have a CTA and you can test it by opening each page and look for your CTA. 

Let's use the blog example again - You should have your blog on your front page and you want to encourage readers sign up for updates. 

Not having a Call to Action on each page or blog post is wasting the opportunity to get your reader to do something and for them to become a fan or a paying customer.

PRO TIP - Only have ONE CTA for each page. If you're asking for your reader to do loads of things then it's likely they'll be overwhelmed and do none!

Test this out by looking at each of your pages and see if you can easily spot what you want your reader to do. 


4. Future Business Plans

Ah, the future and your website... it's looking bright if you're planning ahead. 

Who, in the future, do you want to attract to your website? If your site was built a few years ago, is it mobile responsive, does it match your future plans, does it still service the purpose of your business? If your business or blog has grown and your website hasn't then it's a good idea to check whether it's still fit for purpose. Think a year or two into the future about where you want to be, the readers and customers you want to attract and take a good hard look at your website.

Does your website fit your future plans? 

It is so damn easy to keep adding to your site or writing your blog without realising that your site could be underperforming and not getting the page views, sign-ups or purchases you deserve. 

Take the time today (about ten minutes) to check your website and answer the questions...

  1. Does your website branding match your mission?
  2. Does your website clearly show your main objective?
  3. Does each page have a CTA?
  4. And is your site futureproof?

You can check each one easily by downloading our Website Checklist. It rates your score to give you a clear indication of whether your site is working for you. 

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