My Big Reason Why

This is quite an honest one so be gentle!

I was 23, I moved to a new city with my boyfriend. We had nothing but sleeping bags and my laptop.

I was broke, jobless and desperately trying to finish my dissertation on my ageing laptop. I had a massive break down. I laid on the floor of our sparse bedroom and sobbed. 

It sounds so stupid writing about it now but it was one tiny spark of a conversation that started this journey.

One degree change in knowledge.

My dissertation was about how humans are motivated and the psychology around it. My boyfriend mentioned reading some Tony Robbins.

"Who the hell is Tony Robbins?"

He came home the next day with Awaken the Giant Within.

I consumed it within days. I read every page and made notes. 

That one conversation nearly 15 years ago started something I’ve never stopped doing. And that’s to learn about people, how to help them, why they do things... I was obsessed by it.

I vowed to myself that I would become a life coach to impact lives and to change the world.
But I was 23 and I know nothing about life.

I knew I could make a difference but I knew I was too young and inexperienced to be taken seriously.

I was crushed.

I graduated, I was unemployed and I buried my dream.

Instead, I built websites, I got a job, I got sacked, I built more websites, I got a job and I walked out of it. I went back to building websites and businesses. And the cycle kept on going.

A wise man said that “your soul will lead you home” and he was right.

There is one thing I love in life and it is this.

To whisper something in your ear that could change your life. You tell me you did that thing and it changed your business or your life.

That’s my guilty pleasure. I get off on that.

That is why I do what I do. It’s why I walked out of a high paid job, it’s why I struggled for years to make ends meet.

It’s why I finally woke up and started to live.

That one degree change started something in my life that stayed with me for fifteen years and haunted me until I made it real.

So, if you’ll let me indulge myself a little, I’d like to write this to you.

My name is Carolynne and I am a life and business coach.