One of my favourite writers on Medium, who I’ve followed and read for a year, offered an exclusive membership to his best work today. 

It’s all singing, all dancing, chock full of information, exclusive access and for only a handful of packet change.

Did I sign up? (I read him religiously BTW so I’m a fan.)

The answer was sadly “no”. offers a superb way of reading, discovering and writing. The elegant white space, the minimalism and even down to the font choice are all baked in and considered. 

But it lacks one thing… personality. 

It’s up to the writer to inject some feeling, personality and character into their writing to ultimately stand out. The thing that got me was I felt zero connection with the writer. 

I must have spent hours with him, reading his work, thinking about this proposals of the future, his contrasting or harmonising views to my own. 

He shows up every day, his work is consistent and always there when I wake up to read. He’s definitely got the showing up right!

I should KNOW him by now. But I don’t.

This made me sad. I’ve spent all that time but I have zero connection.


Because, I don’t know HIM. 

There are thousands of writers I could read and interchange their names and I’d never know. 

Claire, John, James, Sara… all just names with vague faces and zero connection.

Here’s the punchline - Just writing isn’t enough anymore. 

We want colour and connection. We want the gaps filling in. We want more of the glorious leaders we invest our time in.

We can’t get away from it. It’s almost expected to see behind the curtain.

Sharing everything is a bit much (Instagrammed lunches, blah!) but letting just a little out can be the difference.

Even if you’re totally against sharing your personal life, share just one thing. Your pet’s name, where you live, your passion for doughnuts… anything… to make you human so we can connect with you. 

We want to connect with you.

Ps. This is Mycroft, my crazy little idiot fur baby 

Ps. This is Mycroft, my crazy little idiot fur baby