The Most Useful Instagram Hack Ever

Afternoon! Hope you’re well and having a great week up to now. I’m sat in one of my favourite places in the world, drinking coffee and writing some damn good tutorials for y’all.

Ok, so last night I upped my Instagram game after seeing a genius and damn useful Instagram hack for Squarespace. Now, I’ll be telling you how to do this on Squarespace, however, you can do this on any site. It involves a new page on your site and a little bit of organisation.

The Most Useful Instagram Hack Ever - Kicksmith Blog - The Digital Boutique for Female Entrepreneurs


Lemme talk you through a couple of scenarios.

Scenario One - Overheard in my studio the other day… A Client wanted to track their Instagram impact. I’m talking about engagement and not just likes. Basically, is Instagram working for me? How can I track if people are jumping from Instagram to take advantage of an offer on there? Apart from asking each customer where they found you (which does work but it’s a bit old school) or digging into Google Analytics, then there’s not much you can do for a quick look at your impact.

Scenario Two - You post loads of lovely images on your Instagram of your blog posts, offers, what you’re up to and all that lovely stuff. Now because people find you via hashtags, your old content keeps on being recycled and is new to a lot of people. Good work! BUT each of your images references “Link in Bio” but your link is always changing… SHIT! Peeps go to your website and can’t find what they were looking for. Fail and game over. 

Scenario Three - You wanna be more useful to your audience cos “Link in Bio” is clumsy and you know there’s gotta be another way! 😉

In steps and their Instagram page - Go check it out and then come back here.

See what they did? Here’s my version… 

Now, I can’t take credit for this hack, but I can tell you how they did it.

PRO TIP - Although this is a tutorial for Squarespace, the principle is the same for non-Squarespace websites. The aim is to help your Instagram followers to find what they're looking for on your website. 



How to improve your Instagram to Website game

1. Create a new page in the NOT LINKED section of your website. Call it INSTAGRAM.

2. Add a meaningful title to your page that gives your audience a hint at what to do next. I used “Looking for something?”.

3. Add a Summary Block to your page.

4. We’re going to grab all your Instagram photos directly from Instagram using a service called - Jump over to there and follow the prompts to download all your images. It will then give you a .zip file of all your images and videos that you can download onto your computer. Genius!

5. Once they’re downloaded then we can load them into our Gallery Block on your website. You can either choose to upload all of them or one by one. 

6. If you need to rearrange the order of your images then you can drag and drop them in the Gallery Block into the right order with the latest image at the top.

7. We can then click on the DESIGN tab on the Gallery Block and change how the block shows our image.

  • Choose 1:1 Square,
  • Uncheck Crop Images,
  • Uncheck Show Title,
  • Set your number of thumbnails in a row to 4 and
  • Set the padding to 0.
  • Also, ensure that the Lightbox option isn’t clicked.
Instagram Hack Gallery Block - Kicksmith Blog - The Digital Boutique for Female Entrepreneurs

8. Click APPLY and you’re good to go!


Next is to set up the URLs that your images click through to.

You can just use the URL to your blog post but if you want to track your clicks then you can add links. 

1. Once your images have loaded up and they’re in the correct order, we can add links by hovering over the image and clicking on the Cog Icon.

The Ultimate Instagram Website Hack Edit Image - Kicksmith Blog - The Digital Boutique for Female Entrepreneurs


2. Add the URL of your blog post into the Clickthrough URL. Click Save.

3. Rinse and repeat for all your images. 

4. Once you’ve done this, you can add your Instagram page to your Instagram profile. 


Ta da! You can now help your Instagram followers find your blog posts AND track your Instagram impact with analytics with


So now you have all your current Instagram images all on your Instagram page but how about your new ones? 

You can use a service called If This Then That - - to automate downloading your latest Instagram photo to Google Drive or Dropbox. Head over there and set up a Recipe to download your newest images. If you download their app and click "Receive notifications when Recipe is run" then you will get an notification on your phone as a reminded to upload your latest photo to your Instagram page.