The ONE BIG THING that can MAKE OR BREAK your Website

There is one thing that will make people want to stay on your website... Gorgeous images. 

Photos are the first impression that people get when they arrive on your site. They speak directly to your audience without you saying anything and I can not convey how important they are. I spend a large proportion of my website builds for clients sourcing and Photoshopping images for their websites. My latest client site took two days of changes until we get it right but it was absolutely worth it.

How Photography can make your website more successful - Kicksmith Blog - The Digital Boutique for Female Entrepreneurs


I’ve added all of these resources to my Pinterest so you just have to save one URL for your photo resources (and it’s updated when I find new ones) and follow my Pinterest Board.


PRO TIP - A word on styled photography - If you’re a photographer and you’re a bit sharp with styling shots then MAKE THIS YOUR NEXT BUSINESS! Seriously, do the work, take the photos and get them out into the world. There is a huge market for this and more than enough room for everyone. 





Styled Photography is where a theme or colour is used to style images that can be used for multiple uses and are often used by bloggers for websites, social posts and branding. 


First off - The incredible Creative Convex by Chaitra - FREE
High-resolution Photography for Creatives

This girl has got it nailed when it comes to styled images. Her free images are just superb and every month she releases a new styled photo pack FOR FREE. There is a paid option for styled Custom Photography too. 


Kate Maxwell - PAID
Styled Photography

Quite possibly the biggest selection of images out there. All colours, all themes, all set up for you to add your message and put on your website or social. 


Raumrot - FREE
Image resource platform with stunning lifestyle imagery for modern creatives. 

Great resource for more masculine or hipster styled shots and they do features some themed sets for a whole bunch of situations like “Hipster Office” and “Concert”. 





Starting with the Big Daddy - The Stocks!

The Stocks - A rather clever Stock Photography Aggregator that pulls together the best of the best photography sites into one place. 

They feature two of my fav sites;

Unsplash - FREE
Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. 

They have a huge archive of images and a search engine to find them. You’re not going to find regular stock photos in here! They’re gorgeous, huge resolution and free to use. 

Magdeleine - FREE

I’ve picked this one because they have a section for just people. People (if you get the right look) can connect with your audience immediately because if you look similar then your audience will say “me too”. 

They also have a search by colour which could be very useful for sourcing styled photos.


Pixabay - FREE
Over 630,000 free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations.

Nuff said!


Stock Snap - FREE
Beautiful Free Stock Images. Hundreds of high-resolution images added weekly.

Again, has a great search engine to find what you need. Many have filters on them so a bit of Photoshop may be required to style them but they have a huge stock.


Photo Pin - FREE
Free Photos for bloggers and creatives.

Well, with a tag line like that, who could leave them off this list?! 


Life of Pix - FREE
Free high-resolution photos, no copyright restrictions. Images for personal commercial use.

Although they don’t have a search feature, they are sectioned off into categories such as People, Nature, Desk and Food. There are some gems in there but you have to work a bit harder to find them. 


Public Domain Archive - FREE

These guys started out with a library of public domain images and collated them into a usable repository. Genius! They have taken it a step further and added modern public domain images to their stock and their catalogues just keeps on growing! All categorised and indexed with a search engine. Thank you!



I've not used these sites yet but they look very promising.

Pexels - FREE - Best free stock photos in one place. 

Stock Up - FREE - Stock Up aggregates free stock photos across dozens of free stock photo sources




Getty Images - Paid

If you have Squarespace then you know these guys are the best for stock photography. If you add an Image Block to your site then you have access to a huge part of their library and it's all billed through your Squarespace account. And they’re a hell of a lot cheaper than using their site! 

NOTE - As with all images, check the attribution required before you splash them all over your site and social. Even if no attribution/credit is required, its always nice to give the photographer a shout out. 

Have I missed any? Why else should be on the Styled Stock Photography list? Let me know in the comments below and I'll add them to the list and Pinterest Board