The Truth About Entrepreneurship

After getting great feedback on my last Realness post, I thought I'd write another one. I had planned on publishing this on Sunday because I figured it was the most respectful day for you to spend reading blogs instead of during the week. And as you can see, it's not Sunday, it's Thursday or "Day 1 after Gary Vee" as I'd like to rename it.

I was so taken aback by the pure fire that I saw in his eyes last night at his keynote in London that I decided that this is going to be a regular thing and I'm publishing this TODAY to just get it out there. 

So here's a ose of Realness for your Thursday called The Truth about Entrepreneurship. 

  • You leave a job with a wage and you automatically get the title "Boss". You also get the job title of cleaner, dog's body and book keeper too.
  • You realise it's a lonely road and even those on the same path of entrepreneurship are not at the same point. However, it's always good to have empathetic peeps around you when you have a Friday afternoon breakdown and they tell you "you'll make it".
  • There is a huge difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship. Building a client base and building an empire are two completely different things. Do either but make sure you know the difference and keep your eye on the prize.
  • Waking up early becomes a choice not an obligation. But then very quickly becames part of life because you love beating the world to the hustle.
  • "After work drinks" take place mid afternoon but one drink can send your routine sideways and put you off your flow so you are now very boring and drink lime and soda.
  • Your friends will fall away and only a few will be able to stomach the temper tantrums and tears proving that those are the ones to keep hold of.
  • Ideas are everywhere but execution is the key. You genuinely know this to be the gospel of entrepreneurship.
  • It's not brash to ask "where's the money in that?" A girl's gotta eat!
  • You no longer have hobbies. They end up gathering dust in the spare room and you end up not doing them anymore.
  • Exercise isn't skippable. Neither is sleep. Eating helps too.
  • You start dressing less and less like a rockstar and opt for hats and jeans cos a work uniform reduces desision making. You need all the brain power you can get.
  • Money and hustle become an obsession and people will try to remind you that happiness is more important. Your happiness comes from working your arse off because you love the grind. You don't call those people again.
  • You get ratty if you haven't sat at your laptop for 24 hours and Sunday becomes a day of work and not rest.
  • Your house is somewhere you sleep not somewhere you keep tidy, entertain friends and "live".
  • Your flow lasts days and your parents send out a search party cos you're not picking up their calls.
  • You work harder than you ever have before and you absolutely love it. Three thousand word writing sessions become the norm.
  • Your impatience becames intolerable and you think it's best if you didn't speak to anyone today because you'll get a slap. 
  • Slight interruptions in wifi will cause meltdowns and crying. Five days of work... Gone!
  • You also start backing shit up every ten minutes.
  • You will think about getting a job because it's the easy route to getting money then remember that you're unemployable and would get the sack again.
  • You can't pin point what your job title is and you hate the word entrepreneur so you avoid the question altogether.
  • You have an "Epic Tracks" playlist on Spotify for deadlines and when you're on one. It features quite a few gangster rap tracks from the 90s and Hans Zimmer... You sometimes feel like Jay Z and Batman.
  • Food and sleep become an inconvenience. Liquid lunches, take away and desk naps are the new black.
  • Catch ups with friends become scheduled Skype calls and you feel bad.
  • Your phone is permanently glued to you hand/face and you've become one of those people.
  • You have Kitteh playtime scheduled so you don't forget and listen to Podcasts while you do it.
  • You cut your nails short so you can type faster and give up on all the nail art you've saved on Pinterest.
  • And finally... In the depths of hating everything you've created and how far you still have to go, you remember that you have a purpose in life. You give yourself a verbal slap round the face, order a flat white and start the grind again.

Here's to the entrepreneurs, business owners, dreamers and do'ers... You'll make it.