Updated Privacy & Sharing Statement

Hidden deep in the depths of website land, there are scary (but necessary) Privacy Statements aimed at protecting your details and data. They are required by law to be on every website, blog and app where data is collected.

We added our stance on something we believe in, SHARING.

Here's a copy of our statement - 

Before we get into the scary (but necessary) Privacy Statement, we want to state this...

We believe in sharing, Open Source and Creative Commons.

We live in a time never seen before because of technology and abundance. 

We want you to swipe our stuff because we believe in sharing everything we do to progress creativity, build a solid economy and inspire Entrepreneurs of the future. 

This year, we are working towards helping 1,000 people get online and create their legacy because creativity and love are the only things that truly matter. 

Everything we create for us, will be shared and housed in our *archive or on our tutorials page. 

All we ask in return is that you take action on the things you have learnt and share your success with your fans. A shout out to us would be a bonus cos we wanna know if we're making an impact!


Much love,

*Everything we create or use in our business is shared here. It's a work in progress but are working on it!
We never share anything we create for our clients but everything else, is yours.

And while we believe in sharing, also believe strongly in privacy of the individual and of businesses because privacy promotes creativity too. Our believe in sharing our own creativity and ideas. It does not include your data or details. 

Now we've got that out of the way... Onward into 2017!