Why Blogging is Good for Your Business

This is the start of a mini 'how to' series I’ve been putting together for a Client and I thought I’d share it with you. 
Since the beginning of starting Kicksmith, I wanted to make it a powerhouse of information and value for Clients. Somewhere they could dip in and out and make changes to their business. No point in keeping the best bits hidden, oooh!

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1. Blogging Establishes You As An Expert

Share the wealth. Value is the name of the game here. 
Your website can go from a static place where you just show your contact details to a hub community of raving fans with blogging. Creating useful and valuable content for your Clients demonstrates your knowledge in your field. And it can be as simple as sharing a photo of your latest work or as complex as a how-to guide to world domination in your field. 

BLOGGING HACK - If you are learning a new subject, you can retain more information if you are learning to pass on that knowledge. So every time you search for an answer, write a blog post about it. 

2. Blogging Attracts Potential Clients

Kicksmith could be just another web design studio, but we decided that we only wanted to work within the Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle industries. So by focusing in on blogging about relevant topics for these industries, we can draw more of the Clients we want to our door. Again, it’s about giving true value to your niche and potential clients will turn into raving fans. 


3. Blogging Shows Your Personality and Your Differences

Ever read a blog and said “me too”? 
Just like when we find another human who shares our sense of humour or way of living we tend to be attracted to them so by blogging with personality, it again draws customers to you. Some people curse, some people use formal language with authority, some use slang. We all have a way of speaking and making our personality shine so use your strengths to attract. It weeds out the lovers from the haters. 

A word of warning - This is not about blogging about your cat or your lunch (unless you are a cat blogger or foodie). Personal posts and personality filled blogs are useful but are to be kept to a minimum. Ensure the language and feel of the posts are in line with your business's image. 


4. Blogging Fuels SEO and Rankings

Yup, we all love a bit of this.
Google (and other search engines) love relevant content. 
Think of it as this - search engines are there to help people find what they want so they're going to rank useful stuff so they want it to be timely (up to date), socially proofed (popular and linked to) and rich in info (lots of good info). Ta da, blog posts do that for you! Imagine being the first in your city when you type in hairdressers. That's worth the time investment alone!


5. Blogging Connects you with others in Your Industry

Play it forward - Recommend people
We could all do with a little nudge up once in a while or catch the eye of someone and blogging can do that. Ok, it's not for online dating but it could land you a partnership of another kind. Professional bloggers and businesses check links to their blog and who knows what would happen if you mention them?! 
Also, it shows that you're generous by shining a light on others who are in the same industry. 


6. Use Blog Posts as FAQs

The first blog post for Kicksmith was to highlight the creative process we use when we build sites for our Clients. It's a topic that comes up quite a bit so instead of sending it via email, it was wiser to publish it on our blog. It saves time, it gets picked up by Google and it shows that you have your sh!t together. Anytime you have a question that is asked more than once, blog about it and point your Clients to it. 


7. Shows dedication and consistency 

Grows relationships with your readers.
Slow and steady wins the race when you're blogging. Sporadic posting is better than none, but a regular day is better. People love habits and patterns, it gives us some safety (this is a bit deep, huh?) but it also makes people trust you. Consistently posting and answering comments shows you have a plan and can be trusted. Trust is everything in business and if you do what you say you're gonna do then who knows what could be the result? Five or six figure contract? 

And now a little bit of reality, sorry! It sometimes can be a time consuming And there's no getting away from that, but it's manageable if you know the importance and value it brings your business. Continually focus on value and you can't go wrong.

I hope this post encourages you to blog for your business and let me know in the comments about your latest blog post. I'd love to hear from you. 

Much love
Carolynne @ Kicksmith 

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