Why I Love Squarespace for Blogging

Everyone has a favourite. Chocolate, alcohol (gin, please) and the side of the bed they sleep on and it's the same for web platforms. Some love the nitty gritty of hand coding (hats off to you), some love the versatility of Wordpress and some love the ease of Squarespace. Essentially, it's down to personal preference but for me and my Clients, Squarespace is winning the web race at the moment. 

These are my reasons I jumped on the Squarespace bandwagon last year and I've never looked back.

Why I love Squarespace


So why choose Squarespace?

1. It’s User-Friendly

This is the main reason why I recommend it to Clients and build all my sites on there.

It's as easy as updating your Facebook status. The learning curve is practically non-existent and learning Squarespace is super easy because uses a drag and drop interface. The interface gets out the way so you can blog, upload photos, use the built in e-commerce without fighting against it. 

The interface is super simple to use on the surface but dig a little deeper and the options are endless.


2. It looks gorgeous straight away

No matter which template you choose, most of the design WORK has been done for you.

All you have to do is match it to your brand and you’re all set up. Yes, it's that simple and still so versatile because if you want to customise it, there is an inbuilt design editor where you can tweak almost everything. And on top of that, if you really want to go wild, there is a Developer Mode that lets you behind the curtain and let your inner geek run wild. 

It also uses a grid structure too so there's no measuring pixels or cropping photos to complicate things. 

I'd absolutely recommend you take advantage of their free 14-day trial to see all the templates in action and check out how different they can look. 


3. It’s all-in

One price, all taken care of!

No extras to pay for, no plugins to maintain, no templates to buy, no need for extra hosting, no need for Google Analytics… the list is endless. Search Engine Optimisation is all taken care of, you can get a custom domain with a yearly subscription and they even have their own metrics so you can see how your site is performing. They've even teamed up with Getty Images and you can add professional photos to your site for $10. 

The most powerful feature is the E-commerce because it integrates Stripe for payments, real time shipping quotes for your overseas buyers, Xero integration for your accounting and you can import your current shop from Big Cartel and Shopify making it easy to move to Squarespace.  

Which brings me nicely onto...


4. It’s affordable

The basic package is the price of a coffee and a sandwich and the benefits you get are work a whole lot more!

One price and you have a website to sell your art or blog until the cows come home. There are no hidden extras to pay for so it's easy to budget for when you're running your business. 

They've just introduced a Cover Pages option where you can have a single page site for your next big product launch. These guys know what they're doing. 


My love for Squarespace is strong.
So strong that I've built a FREE MINI course.

Learn Squarespace Cover Pages for your next product Launch!


Ok, back to the Squarespace love...

5. Their support is incredible

Get into a pickle then the Support Team will help you out FAST!

There are some great resources on their site too so you’re never too far from an answer. And because it's a unified platform, everything is on there and the Squarespace community is solving problems for each other and collaborating over code snippets. 

Back in 2013, I was away for the weekend and I got word that a Client's site had been hacked. Panic mode set in and off I went searching for a cafe with wifi to fix it. It took two days and I ended up spending most of my holiday at my computer. Not cool but the Client's site was a priority.
Compare that to a recent conversation - I was asked in a Client meeting just last week about support and hacking and my answer was "it's all taken care of even when you're asleep". A quick tweet to their Support Team and you have answer, and because you pay for the maintenance of the site, you're always covered. 

6. It works on all platforms

It’s a truly mobile-friendly platform.

This is super important with 45% of people using sites on their mobile/tablet AND that Google now prefers to rank mobile responsive sites higher. And, because it's Squarespace, it still looks gorgeous on your mobile without degradation of design and usability. There's no need to code anything! There are one or two things to watch out for like the ordering of the blocks on mobile but apart from that, it's incredibly portable from desktop to tablet to mobile. 

And now over to you...

What else would you like to learn about Squarespace before you jump? Let me know in the comments below and I'll get back to you.

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